Volume 1, Issue 2 Friday, July 14, 2006

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VoiceConnect has done it! We have deployed the best voicemail system nationwide for you and your business!

Hello Valued VoiceConnect Customer,

As you may or may not know, we have been busy listening to each and every one of you over the past few years on how we can make your business and marketing efforts better for your bottom line. We are very proud that many of you have seen our company come along way in such a short period of time and we thank you as you continue to grow with us. At VoiceConnect, we will not sit back and become complacent on what we have done, but will always make sure that we are on the cutting edge of new technologies that can be created for our clients. Well, we have just deployed our first major system revision since the inception of VoiceConnect and we are excited! In the next few paragraphs, you will hear about just a few highlights of our efforts and what is available to you. You will be able to find the rest of the information in the upcoming weeks online as we make changes to the VoiceConnect website and web access manual to reflect all of these new features. We just could not wait to let you know about them and how these new changes are active and can benefit you right now!  


Let's start with how to access your service via some new login features!

As many of you have already noted, we have made some login changes to the main page of www.voiceconnectinc.com. Now, in the same location as in the past, there is a click through to login instead of direct access. Just left click in the same spot to access some of the exciting new features we are going to discuss below.

The new look and feel of the VC "virtual office"

As you have now logged into your "virtual office", you will notice an very different look and feel as to the prevoius version. You will be able to access your messages, faxes, and inbound callers instantly when you login. You can even set your time zone no matter where you are in the country for accurate call logs.

Caller ID Block for any number nationwide!

Per your requests, now all VoiceConnect cusomers will have the ability to block any unwanted number nationwide from accessing your service.

Your new VoiceConnect Auto Responder is a powerful tool!

Now all customers of VoiceConnect have the ability to set-up an Auto Responder for any number that we issue. What is an Auto Responder? When anyone calls into your VoiceConnect service, You can reply to that inbound caller with any message that you want on a timer that you can set and control. Setting- You are in real estate investing and you are trying to accquire properties. You have a caller that just calls to listen but does not leave any info with our live operators about their house. What if two minutes later they got a call back on the number they called your service and heard "This is George and I had set-up this emergency message. We have already bought 4 houses this week, and can only buy 1 more as my remodeling and renovation crews are booked solid. If you did not leave your information with my operators, you need to call back and do so or fill out a form online at www.readysetsoldnow.com and I will get back with you as soon as possible. Thanks for your call."  That will get more leads in your box, guaranteed!

Auto import your inbound callers into your voice and fax broadcast system!

You asked for it, and we developed it! Now you can auto import all of your inbound callers right into the broadcast system with the touch of a button or upload from your own files. You can select any date range that you wish and create the lists. It's that simple! The system will even remove redundant numbers. This is a great way to "touch" your clients with voice or fax messages as often as you wish.  

Reverse address match taken to the next level!

VoiceConnect was one of the first system providers to use the reverse address match function for real estate investors, but now it's untouchable! All inbound callers that call into your VoiceConnect service will automatically be droped into your "virtual office" online. What this means is everytime that a caller calls in from a land line, his or her personal or business address is stored for your viewing. You can also export an excel spreadsheet of the addresses in any date range to send directly to your mail house. Wow!

Now you can create or duplicate extensions at your fingertips!

With your input we have made some major changes for clients using our extension driven services. You can now go in to any VC Unlimited class of service and assign any extension number that you wish in your "virtual office." This will work with any greetings that VoiceConnect has recorded, that you have recorded via telephone, or that you uploaded via .wav files. Now you can control your own marketing efforts anytime online! 

Your VoiceConnect service now can send faxes as well as receive!

We have also made some changes to how VoiceConnect works for your faxing needs. We have modified all inbound faxes into .pdf format and you now can upload and send faxes from your voicemail service. No more big hotel charges to send faxes!

Ok, so what's this gonna cost?

The paragraphs above are just a few of brand new features at your disposal. Ater much deliberation, we at VoiceConnect decided that we were NOT going to raise the monthly rates of our existing customers. Many of you have been with us for quite some time, and we appreciate your loyalty. New pricing will only apply to new clients moving forward. The only changes that you will see is that all VoiceConnect per minute rate for ALL toll free and local numbers will be billed at 9.9 cents per minute compared to the old rate of 4.9 cents per minute for usage and premium services. This should only have a noticeable effect on very heavy users while keeping costs low for some of our smaller clients.  Our competitors charge much more than double in the monthly, per minute, and set-up fees for access to just some of the above listed services. We hope you enjoy all of the new features and use these fantasic marketing tools to increase revenue in all of your endeavors.    

The New VoiceConnect Newsletter Keeps You Informed

One of the many new things that you will now receive from us is a quarterly newsletter to keep you informed on all of the latest and greatest things that we are working on for you!

Until next time,
The VoiceConnect Management Team

Voice Mail, Voice Mail Service, VoIP Phone Service, Phone Service, Unified Messaging, Live Answering Service | VoiceConnect, Inc.

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