The VoiceConnect Announcer
does just that!

The VoiceConnect Announcer is designed for businesses or individuals that need to give callers critical information such as events, specials, or other frequently asked questions. The VC Announcer can serve as a stand-alone announcement greeting with a pre-assigned local or nationwide toll free telephone number for FAQ's or it can be added off of your current phone service or custom VoiceConnect application.

Setting:Call Announcement System

Let's say that you have an upcoming event and you want to give out times and dates in an advertising campaign but do not want you or your staff having to repeat the same information on every call. When you call your VC Announcer, you can hear the following:

Audio files may take a moment to load.

Call Announcement System, Voice Exchange, Business Phone Service | VoiceConnect, Inc.

  • Your own personal local or nationwide toll free number. Please see our nationwide coverage map for availability in your area!

  • Voicemail service with "auto loop" greetings in case your callers missed the information the first time!

  • Recorded greeting of up to 10 minutes that can be loaded via telephone or online.

  • Unlimited, time-related greetings give you the ability to have different greetings or messages playing at different times of day.

  • Broadcast capabilities enable you to send voice messages or faxes to predefined groups of inbound callers to your system or you can upload your own number list to send as well.

  • Web interface allows you to access your service at any time to make administrative changes to your account, upload greetings, or recover and view inbound caller ID information.

  • Unlimited usage via a local telephone number. Toll free numbers are billed at 2.9 cents per minute.

Call Announcement System, Voice Exchange, Business Phone Service | VoiceConnect, Inc.
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