VoiceConnect Queuing is the perfect answer to save
on telecommunication costs!

The VoiceConnect Queuing System is the perfect way to manage your call flow while giving your company the largest, most professional sound in the business without adding costly phone lines! Usually only available with out of this world hardware costs, this system was designed to capture callers when all lines are in use instead of busy signals or dead-zending them into voice mail when all lines are in use. With our VC Queuing, callers will be held in queue until a telephone line or a representative is available. While in queue, callers will hear custom company announcements as well as on hold music. When using in conjunction with a VC messaging product, callers will have the options of holding for the next available line, leaving a message in the general company box, or be directed to the company directory for employee listings.


Call Queuing System - Manage Call Flow Let's say you run an insurance company with five employees and four phone lines. Your agents are often in and out of the office but when they are in, spend most of the time on the phones on lengthy calls. You do not want to incur the costs of having additional lines for the few times of day that they might all be in use, but never want to dead-end your inbound callers into voicemail. What if you could hear this:

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Call Queuing System, Call Distribution Service, Automatic Call Transfer | VoiceConnect, Inc.

  • Unlimited callers can be placed in queue at any given time.

  • 10 minute custom greeting with music or a custom "hold" message to inform callers about your business or product offerings while they wait to connect.

  • Automatic transfer to a representative when the first available company line is available.

  • Unlimited usage via a local telephone number. Toll free numbers are billed at 2.9 cents per minute.

Call Queuing System, Call Distribution Service, Automatic Call Transfer | VoiceConnect, Inc.
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