The VoiceConnect Router serves as a virtual receptionist and more!

The VoiceConnect Router sends live calls directly to the appropriate telephone number or extension. The VC Router can be configured as a dial-by-name or numeric listing depending on your need or preference. This service is a great way to link numerous offices or people on a nationwide level.

Setting:Call Transfer System

Your main company or ours will be automatically forwarded to the VC Router. When customers or associates call in, the first thing they hear is the VC Router with options to directly transfer them to the nationwide location or desk of the office or person that they choose. A sample application would sound like this:

Audio files may take a moment to load.

Call Transfer System, Call Distribution System, Call Router | VoiceConnect, Inc.

  • Your own personal local or nationwide toll free number to serve as a stand alone application or to be connected directly to your business telephone lines. See our nationwide coverage map for details.

  • Main greeting of up to 10 minutes.

  • Unlimited, time-related greetings give you the ability to have different greetings playing at different times of day to enhance your business.

  • Dial-by-name or numeric option for the company department or the person that you are trying to reach. Numeric extensions can be one through six digits.

  • Automatic transfer to any internal or external business phone number or office nationwide to connect many different people or locations with one number.

  • Operator function allows you to have callers press 0 to be transferred to any number of your choice.

  • Music-on-hold gives callers a variety of music to listen to while connecting to your extension or office nationwide. You can even upload your own music or sales greeting while your caller connects.

  • Unlimited usage via a local telephone number. Toll free numbers are billed at 2.9 cents per minute.

Call Transfer System, Call Distribution System, Call Router | VoiceConnect, Inc.
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