Need to get your message across to thousands of people?
Let the VoiceConnect Voice Blasting Service do the work for you!

The VoiceConnect Voice Blasting Service is your perfect answer to getting your message out to as many people as you want! VoiceConnect has state-of-the-art in house systems to meet any of your message delivery and voice broadcast needs. We have the ability to send your custom scripted message out to any group of telephone numbers that you choose. We can do any level of voice broadcast from basic call service that just leave messages on machines up to live connect options out to one of our operators or any number during the message when you really want to make an immediate sales impact. We also use a courtesy number removal system built in to keep all of your clients and lists content!

Voice Broadcast Call Distribution Service, Voice Blasting Service, Call Distribution Systems | VoiceConnect, Inc.

Voice Blasting Service
  • Unlimited number of messages can be delivered with our system to any telephone number nationwide. We'll issue you a "voice broadcast box", and you will be able to to have all of this technology at your fingertips!

  • Different message delivery included where a different message will be delivered if your caller answers live or goes to voicemail.

  • Operator feature included if you caller likes what they hear, you can program in any phone number nationwide for a direct connect. A powerful sales tool!

  • Opt out feature allows any recipient to press a button and be automatically removed from your voice broadcast lists.  

  • Custom message recordings to be recorded by you or a member of our staff.

  • List acquisition service is available to get the lists and phone numbers you need for almost any campaign.

  • Unlimited, time-related greetings give you the ability to have different greetings playing at different times of day.

  • Pricing is 4.9 cents per minute. That's just over as a penny a call for short messages! You only pay for the completed ones!

  • Pricing specials and volume discounts are available for high volume campaigns. Please contact out sales department for a free consultation.

Voice Broadcast Call Distribution Service, Voice Blasting Service, Call Distribution Systems | VoiceConnect, Inc.
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