VoiceConnect online fax service: Professional-Grade Internet Faxing

The VoiceConnect Inbound Fax service acts as the fax number you always wanted at less than one third the cost. The VC online fax service delivers digitally stored, clear and crisp documents right to any computer in a desirable .pdf format for viewing or data storage. As long as you can get to any computer with internet, you can get your faxes worldwide! This service can eliminate the need for an actual fax line. Faxes are stored and will be automatically forwarded to any e-mail address or alternate fax number of your choosing or easily accessed from your VoiceConnect virtual office without having to install annoying additional software on your machine or your clients to view.

Inbound E-Fax System Setting:

When callers call your fax box they will hear the normal fax tones they hear when calling a fax machine. Your dialers will never know the difference! This saves hundreds annually on the costs of a dedicated fax phone line. Let us show you how!

Audio files may take a moment to load.

  • Your own personal local or nationwide toll free fax number. Please see our nationwide coverage map for availability in your area!

  • 100 fax storage capabilities.

  • Auto fax forwarding to any e-mail address/addresses or alternative fax number

  • Fax tone when your number is dialed directly to give that coorperate image of a dedicated fax line.

  • New fax message notifications via e-mail, e-mail with .pdf attachment, phone, cell phone or pager to let you know right away when your e-fax mailbox has a message. Email notifications include full caller ID information and are also stored in your virtual office.

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