About Voice Connect


VoiceConnect has been providing communication services to businesses, associations, entrepreneurs and individuals for many years. We offer a wide variety of telecommunications services to suit the needs of most any organization. We pride ourselves in offering top-notch services and personal customer support.

Our headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia but we have affiliate offices throughout North America. Our operations and staff have grown significantly over the years and we see continued growth well into the future.

Our clientele include some of the countries most respected organizations. Those organizations trust us to ensure we maintain their high quality image. Our executives are experienced, accessible and committed to help build successful businesses. The scale of VoiceConnect’s business and our wealth of experience working with entrepreneurs give us a deep understanding of the challenges both early and later stage companies face on a daily basis. In working with VoiceConnect, you get the benefits of a strong partner combined with technology expertise and a vast network of resources and relationships.

The Executive Team

The Management Team at VoiceConnect covers a broad range of expertise and is focused on providing exemplary service and value to our clients. We understand the need to establish cooperative working relationships that will last, while also providing a meaningful return on the investments for our services. Our unique approach of combining expertise in Operations Management, Sales Management and Technical Development provides the right team to get the job done.

Operations and Customer Service Department
Our Operations and Customer Service department brings over 30 years of management and customer care experience to VoiceConnect. In this role, every employee helps to shape the company’s strategic direction and manages the company’s business development activities from the ground up. They provide customer management leadership focused on creating an end-to-end customer lifecycle process to achieve the company’s objective to improve the quality of the customer experience in every manner possible.

Sales and Marketing Department
Our Sales and Marketing team brings 27 plus years of experience in technology sales and sales management in the telecommunication industry to VoiceConnect. This department focuses on looking into the future of changing markets and client’s needs as well as development of new product lines for VoiceConnect clients that satisfy business needs for decades to come. The entire staff is at the forefront of VoiceConnect’s strategic sales initiatives including initiating and managing our key business partnership opportunities and in coordinating all marketing efforts.

Systems Engineering Department
Our Systems Engineering department provides a vital role that includes overseeing advanced technology research and development for appropriate deployment with 35 plus years of information technology service. Our staff has a major role in providing the company’s technology vision and strategy and provides sales engineering and initial business case analysis for clients. Using all staff certifications in Linux, Cisco, MySQL, Microsoft, and VOIP technology to keep VoiceConnect’s systems and services superior nationwide, this department is the backbone of VoiceConnect infrastructure. However, this staff’s most important role is the responsibility for technical quality of service provided to the customer base.

Our Commitment

At VoiceConnect, we understand the importance of communication network uptime and how it affects our customers’ business operations. It is with this premise; we view our services as a vital component of our total offering and our competitive edge. Total customer satisfaction is a key driver for us to offer quality, reliable and yet competitive service. We are ready to customize our service packages to suit the individual needs of our customers’ unique situation.

We believe our ability to grow in the future depends very much on our ability to offer unparalleled service and commitment to our customers. To meet our objective, we have established and maintained a technically competent and highly responsive team, using the necessary maintenance tools and equipment to attend to all our customers’ service needs. Our team is well trained and regularly updated to stay at the technological forefront of the industry.