Residential VoIP Service

Say “Yes” to VoiceConnect Residential VoIP Phone Service.
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With our state of the art IP based technology, you will be amazed that you kept paying a premium for a land based line this long!

Our founders and technical team have been deploying VoIP since it was invented! With redundant co-location backbone facilities nationwide, you’ll rest easy that you have chosen the best. Many of the other providers actually resell our networks for their branded service. Find out what they already know!

What to know before signing up

VOIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that allows you to make and receive phone calls through the Internet. Voice is converted into packets of data, sent out over the Internet through a broadband connection, and reassembled at the other end of the line. VoiceConnect Residential phone service provides an adapter box(called ATA) that allows its Customers to make VOIP calls using a traditional telephone.

VOIP phone services offer familiar capabilities and features, such as local and nationwide calling, three-way calling, call waiting, call forwarding and caller ID. These features, which typically cost extra with normal telephone services, are free with most VOIP phone services.

One of the reasons that VOIP is becoming the option of choice for a lot of phone users is that it significantly lowers the cost of traditional phone service with affordable calling plans that feature unlimited local and domestic long distance, as well as competitive International rates.

Broadband is a high-speed Internet connection that operates through a cable or DSL modem. In order to use VoiceConnect Residential phone service you must have broadband. This helps ensure high-quality audio on all of your calls. Because your call is converted into data packets that travel the Internet, the faster the Internet connection, the more quickly and efficiently your call will arrive at its destination. You will also want to have broadband internet service with a speed of 256kb/s.

VoiceConnect Residential phone service offers the following advantages:

  • Competitive Rates
  • High-quality phone service at prices significantly lower than traditional phone services
  • Great International rates
  • Online Virtual Office for administration of your phone as well as changing preferences, viewing your bill, and listening to voicemail.
  • Advanced features such as voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, three-way calling, and on-hold music.
  • Online account management portal allows you to manage

VoiceConnect uses a technology called VOIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, which enables you to make and receive phone calls through the Internet. VoiceConnect provides an adapter that you plug in between your Phone (any standard phone) and cable or DSL modem — allowing you to place and receive calls in the same way you do now. Just pick up the phone and dial the ten digit number (or International number) of the person you wish to call.

The VoiceConnect adapter comes with an installation guide to help you through the set up process, which will take between five and ten minutes.

To ensure high quality service, we recommend that you use broadband internet.

You can signup on the VoiceConnect Residential phone service home page or contact our Sales Department at 800-453-2251.

VoIP Phone Service

  • Save hundreds of dollars annually on your local phone bills!
  • Unlimited inbound and outbound domestic calling anywhere in the USA and Canada!
  • Simple to switch, simple to start saving!
  • Keep your existing phone number or we’ll issue you a new one!
  • With VoiceConnect, you’ll get low international rates starting and 1 cent per minute!
  • Sign up or call today!

20+ additional features for free!

  • For a limited time, one month of service, FREE!!!
  • Unlimited local and long distance calling anywhere in the USA and Canada!
  • Unified messaging/voicemail included
  • Caller ID
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Return
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Anonymous Call Block
  • Repeat Dialing
  • Call Hunt
  • Great International Rates!
  • Online “virtual office” for each account
  • Most US Area Codes Available
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Transfer
  • Live 24/7 customer support
  • 3-Way calling
  • Take your VoiceConnect VoIP service with you!
  • Start today and start saving!

System Requirements:

  • A high speed internet connection with any provider
  • Connect your VoiceConnect Adaptor* to your high speed internet connection
  • Plug in your home phone and start enjoying crystal clear calling!

Call 1-877-For-Voice or email us for more information.