VC Unlimited Box All-in-One System

The VC Unlimited Box is for the professional that knows no boundaries!

The VoiceConnect Unlimited Box is designed for any professional that needs more from their voicemail service without paying premium service costs. The VC Unlimited box comes with a ten-minute main greeting and one thousand completely customizable extensions. For whatever your needs, being a lot of different products that do require numerous extensions or an ad tracker campaign, this is the class of service for you. This service also features the ability to press 0 to out dial any ten-digit number to connect to you nationwide or press 1 to leave a message from any extension, anywhere in the VC Unlimited service.


You are about to start marketing a specific product and plan on advertising with different mailings, newspaper ads, and street signs but do not know where your advertising dollars are best spent. What if your service sounded like this:

VC Unlimited Box Features

  • Your own personal local or nationwide toll free number. We provide local numbers to 98% of North American cities.
  • 1000 customizable extensions with 10 minute greetings each for creating different marketing greetings or duplicating messages per extension number for marketing response data on campaigns. You can mass create and upload your extensions online 24/7!
  • Fax-on-demand service is included to load and documents or flyers that you would like your callers to be able to retrieve. Callers simply access the document they want and enter any fax number nationwide for delivery.
  • Voicemail service with 100 message storage capacity.
  • Recorded greeting of up to 10 minutes.
  • Unlimited, time-related greetings give you the ability to have different greetings playing at different times of day to manage callers on your schedule.
  • Time of day routing allows you to set up different call flows for different times of day/week.
  • Inbound/outbound fax service with online message retrieval allows you to use your 10-digit voicemail number as an inbound/outbound fax service. Use our web interface or forward your faxes to your e-mail in .pdf format to view. 500 pages a month are included.
  • SMS texting service is included with this service. You can use your VC Unified Box number for receiving and sending SMS texts.
  • Web phone included for unlimited calling in North America via the online dashboard.
  • New message notifications via e-mail, e-mail with .wav file attachment, phone, cell phone, or pager to let you know right away when your mailbox has a message. Email notification includes caller ID information.
  • Web interface allows you to access your voicemail or fax mail online at any time or to make administrative changes to your account, make a call, listen to your messages, view your faxes, or recover caller ID information.
  • Music-on-hold gives callers a variety of music to listen to while connecting to your service. You can upload your favorite music as well while you are located!
  • Unlimited usage via a local telephone number. Toll free numbers are billed at 2.5 cents per minute.

Call 1-877-For-Voice or email us for more information.