Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About the Company

VoiceConnect can offer more powerful, individualized solutions than those available in the simple packages offered by the Bell companies. VoiceConnect’s greatest strength is its ability to provide feature-rich, flexible, customizable systems at low prices, along with skilled customer support.

VoiceConnect customers are primarily entrepreneurs and professionals in small to medium size businesses, including attorneys, real estate investors, consultants, sales and manufacturing representatives, medical and dental professionals, independent health care practitioners and internet marketers. Currently, VoiceConnect is experiencing growth with larger organizations. They have discovered VoiceConnect’s services are a viable, cost-effective alternative to replacing costly PBX systems, plus incurring future maintenance costs. VoiceConnect technology makes voice communications seamless, transparent and professional, no matter what size the company or how fast it grows.

With VoiceConnect, users can access all voice and fax messages as attachments in their Virtual Office, or via their email account. It’s an easy way for busy professionals to take better control of all their communications needs, streamline customer interaction and increase efficiency. They can also review call detail reports, set call preferences and other features.

VoiceConnect has been in business for many years! We are proud to be an industry leader, having developed the best and most reliable virtual office phone service offered in the nation. Since inception, VoiceConnect has had the joy of helping thousands of entrepreneurs just like you make their dreams a reality. We continue to be a leading innovator and are not only the most sought after, but more importantly, the most trusted name in the industry.

Questions About Functionality

VoiceConnect operates advanced voice processing servers that can take large call volumes for our customers. Just like the telephone company, we will assign you a telephone number. Instead of that number ringing a single telephone line at your location, it will ring into our bank of advanced voice processing servers. Our voice processing servers will then answer the caller with your personal voicemail system. Due to sophisticated trunking capabilities, we are engineered to accept multiple simultaneous calls to your telephone number so that your callers will never receive a busy signal.

Your callers are directed to your voicemail system through one of the following:

    1. your callers can call your voicemail system directly by dialing the assigned telephone number.
    2. your telephone lines are configured to forward calls to voicemail when the lines are all busy, or when the telephones are not answered.
    3. you transfer callers into voicemail.

After reaching your voicemail system, callers will be handled differently depending on the configuration you have requested. Twenty-four (24) hours a day, callers can listen to pre-recorded information, receive fax documents, be transferred to you, leave you a message, have you paged, or interact with your voicemail system in some other way.

Sure you can! All you do is log into your Virtual Office (by dialing your toll free number and entering your pass code) and changing the number the system tries you at. It’s fast, easy and immediate!

If you travel frequently you can have VoiceConnect try you at your main number first (i.e. office or home) and if you don’t answer there, it will automatically try you at a second number (i.e. your cell phone). VoiceConnect will NOT try you at more than four numbers because we don’t believe it’s a good idea to have callers wait too long because they get frustrated and hang up without leaving you a message.

Messages sent to your email are attached as audio files in .wav format, so you can listen to messages on your computer with the same sound quality as messages left on traditional answering services or devices. Use just about any audio player, such as Windows Media® Player, Real One Player, Win amp or QuickTime, to play the voicemails. Because messages arrive in a common file format and most computers are pre-equipped with one or more audio players that support this file type, there should be absolutely no software for you to install.

There is no limit on the number of new messages that can be left for you. When dialing in to listen to messages by phone, VoiceConnect retains the last 30 days of new and saved messages.

An option is available to block callers from leaving voicemails. With this option turned on, callers dial in to your number in order to listen to the outgoing message. Afterwards, the call will be automatically disconnected.

To access your messages, dial your assigned toll free or local number and press * when your greeting begins to play. You will be prompted by the system to enter your 4- 6 digit pass code. Then simply follow the easy instructions to play your messages. You can also manage your messages online by accessing your Virtual Office with your assigned number and pass code.

Faxes are viewable and printable online as well so if you currently pay for a service to send faxes to your email, you can delete that service. The system automatically recognizes a fax signal and accepts the fax, converts it to a “tif” format and sends it to your inbox.

There is virtually no limit to the amount of calls the system can accept at any given time. Our extensive network and call capabilities ensure that your prospects and associates will always be able to reach you. If you need to quantify this, imagine 1000 callers dialing your toll free number at the exact same time…………there will be no busy signals heard by any of the callers.

Sure. Your account gives your customers single number access to both your voicemail and fax! You can choose to be notified when you get a fax and either call in to the system and have it delivered to whatever fax number your currently at or choose to receive it via email and view it on your PC and print it out on your printer. No more having to delay a deal until you get back to the office to check your fax machine or find out when you get there that it was jammed or on the blink!

Questions About The Toll Free Number

When you subscribe to VoiceConnect, you are assigned your own unique “customer friendly” toll free number to use as you wish in advertising, on your business cards, brochures etc. You don’t have to share it with any other company!

Yes. Because we recognize the value of a toll free number and the advertising investment you will probably put into it, we are one of the few providers that will allow you to take your number with you for a minimal processing fee upon service termination. Please note that due to their scarcity and increased value, it costs a little bit more to release a true 800 number than other toll free numbers (i.e. 888/877/866).

Yes, we can “port” your existing toll free number over to VoiceConnect to use with your VoiceConnect service. While technically we will have temporary ownership of your number (that’s how the Long Distance Carriers look at it) we view the number as yours and will immediately release it back to you upon service termination and satisfaction of any outstanding balance you may have.

Please note that while most accounts are set up within 24 – 48 hours, porting a toll free number can take up to 30 business days and there is a one time fee associated with the paperwork required to transfer it (See Optional Fees). We will gladly set you up with a temporary number so you can get your account set up and ready to go when your toll free number moves over to us – then it will be a seamless change.

If you need the benefits of our service immediately, in most circumstances you can forward your existing toll free number to your assigned temporary number with us until yours ports over.

Sure. You can have several toll free numbers all point to the same account so they’ll all be handled the same way or you can set up separate accounts for each toll free number to handle them uniquely. Please note, if multiple toll free numbers point to the same account you will not be able to distinguish which number they dialed for service.

VoiceConnect service is not only offered via toll free numbers but has a local presence in most every community. If you want all of your calls to go through VoiceConnect but still have callers dial a local number, all you have to do is forward your local line to your assigned VoiceConnect toll free number. That way, you still have a local presence to your customers, but you can take advantage of the power and flexibility of VoiceConnect virtual office services. Of course, because all forwarded incoming calls end up going through the toll free number you do pay the rate per minute associated with our service (in most cases, though, this still ends up being less expensive by far than having to buy a costly phone system in house). In most cases, we can provide you with a local number in your market if needed.

Some of our clients also just use our service as a back up in the event that their local lines are busy or they can’t answer (i.e. not in, busy or closed). In that event, you can just have the Bell company set up call forwarding to the toll free number on a busy or ring-no-answer event.

Questions About Billing

VoiceConnect service will bill you at our very competitive rates for any calls placed to your 800 number or your local number as well.

Billing for an “inbound” call starts when a call to your VoiceConnect toll free number is automatically answered by the VoiceConnect system (usually by immediately playing your company greeting and voice menu).

If and when a caller selects to speak with you, VoiceConnect immediately places the caller on hold (playing a professional Music-on-Hold program for them) while it generates a second long distance call out to you at your current ring-to destination. If you answer the call and press one to connect to the caller, we then start billing you for the second “outbound” call at its current rate per minute. If a device answers (such as an answering machine or fax) or if you choose not to take the call, the system redirects the call to voice mail and you will have only paid the inbound rate per minute. Of course, if you have it set up so calls never ring out to you then you will only pay the inbound rate per minute.

You are only charged for checking voice mail messages if you call your toll free number to log-in and listen to them. In order to circumvent that additional cost to you, VoiceConnect is one of the first service providers to offer voicemail to email delivery. Voicemail to email delivery automatically emails you a copy of each voicemail message left for you. The message is promptly delivered to your email address as a wav file attachment which you can easily listen to through your computer speakers. You can also log in to your Virtual Office and listen to your messages as well without incurring any additional charges.

Our preferred method of billing is via automated monthly credit card billing. This helps keep our costs low so that we can keep our rates low. For large customers that request invoicing, we will mail monthly invoices that can be paid by check or credit card. If the invoice has not been paid by the next billing cycle, the account will be placed on temporary disconnect until the invoice has been paid.

Sorry, not at this time, though that may be an option in the near future. Please watch for announcements of new and exciting features regularly released on our website.

Questions About Billing The Service

We currently offer 5 services outside of our primary product set.

The most important reason is one that is often overlooked. Most people want voicemail so their callers never get a busy signal. However, if all your lines are busy then there is no way for callers to get to your onsite voicemail equipment. The only way to provide voicemail when all of your telephone lines are busy is through an offsite voicemail service.

Another reason is that it just isn’t cost effective. To receive the same benefits of our services, you would have to spend more on a monthly basis for just one telephone line than our typical service fee. Let’s look at a few of the other expenses:

  1. If you purchase a voicemail system, you have to pay a large upfront purchase price (in the thousands).
  2. You have to either hire someone capable of maintaining it, or pay for a service and support contract. That person will have to perform routine backups and other maintenance.
  3. You have to purchase extra telephone lines to accommodate the voicemail traffic and you’ll need an outside access line so that employees can check messages from outside the office.
  4. When you outgrow the system or want to receive updated technology you will have to perform a “forklift” upgrade (complete system replacement). The average lifespan for this equipment is roughly 8 years.

We provide phone numbers with area codes throughout the United States. For a full list of the area codes we currently offer, look at our coverage map to see if we offer service in your area. As an alternative, we also offer toll-free numbers. If you are interested in an area code that is not presently offered, please email your request to and we will notify you if we can obtain it or when it becomes available.

In most cases you and your customers can start enjoying your new VoiceConnect service within one to two business days from the time you place your order…so hurry and order today!

Call 1-877-For-Voice or email us for more information.