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VoiceConnect Real Estate & Mortgage Clients

At VoiceConnect, we have created strategic partnerships with absolutely the best real estate investment and mortgage speakers nationwide. VoiceConnect has taken and created turnkey applications for each one of our investment clients directly from their personal input and courses below which include full programming of your account, script recordings, live answering questionnaires, web entry programming, and data management training for you and your staff at no additional cost. Below is a preview of each of our clients and the products that they offer:

Freedom Team Real Estate Systems

Just a short time ago Kris Kirschner was working in the corporate rat race like many of you are. Within their first 24 months in real estate, they created a buying, selling, and holding machine doing 6-10 houses per month, all on auto pilot with little or no involvement from them. They are finally revealing the hidden secrets of their step-by-step Freedom Team systems for buying and selling houses that will permanently change the amount of cash you put in the bank each month and give you your life back. They are so certain their training and systems will work for you, all of their products and seminars come with a better than risk-free money back guarantee.

Niche2Wealth, Marko Rubel

Marko Rubel, the owner and principal of Real Estate Money LLC Systems, Inc has this mission statement: To be the pre-eminent real estate investment education company, offering products, education, and systems based on REAL WORLD applications, NOT on theory, like many other so called “gurus”.

Marko’s goal is to enable other investors with drive and determination to duplicate his own success and achieve real wealth through investing in real estate. In addition, to conduct business with the highest ethical standards and best business practices in the industry.

Real Estate Web Profits, Jeff Adams

Jeff Adams is a leading expert and professional in real estate investing, who is the founder and CEO of ‘We Buy House for Cash’ Investment Group, LLC. Jeff Adams is a successful property investor in California and well-known throughout America. With his team he is been offering programs and tools for investors to develop their business. In 1995, Jeff Adams stepped in real estate investing and within a short duration, he was able to reach great heights. Jeff Adam has years of experience and will be able to offer you outstanding training and services.

If you are new to real estate investing market, Real Estate Web Profits will be able to help investors to get their leads and deals. With us, you can maximize your investments and reach your goals without any hurdles.

Madison County REIA

Zack Childress is a seasoned Real Estate Investor; who holds a large portfolio of real estate which he acquired in a very short time. He is not only a master real estate investor, but a family man as well. Zack knows how to run a business from experience and perseverance; and those two provide the key combination to unlocking your financial freedom, by learning through him. Zack made investing in Real Estate so easy that now anyone can invest anywhere they have a computer and a phone. He knew he had to be focused on marketing and getting as many leads as possible coming into his systems; therefore, he could keep the deals he wanted to buy and wholesale the rest to other investors. He was focused on automating all phases of his real estate business.

The Millionaire Originator

Break the energy sapping, life draining, cash-sucking chains that are holding you back from claiming your personal wealth mountain with The Millionaire Originator Inner Circle! Thousands of dollars worth of mind-blowing, super-creative ideas that could already be boosting your mortgage loan leads generation, leads conversion, loan applications, your profit, your professional satisfaction and your personal lifestyle if you were a member of Doug (Dr Doug DHP) Huggins’ Millionaire Originator GEMS Inside Circle! Why not learn from a super successful mortgage marketer with a verifiable track record of generating over 280 purchase money inbound lead calls per week for 107 straight weeks?

Mr. Preforeclosure, Jeff Kaller

Jeff Kaller has become one of the most sought after educators in the little-known real estate niche of pre-foreclosure properties. As a student turned teacher, Jeff is extremely active in buying and selling investment properties behind on payments. His hidden secrets on how to work with lenders to accept short sales have permanently changed how people are able to buy pre-foreclosure properties across the country. He prides himself as an average guy, with an “Opie Taylor” appearance who walks softly and carries a big stick when negotiating pre-foreclosure deals. Most of what he teaches about the art of short-selling bank loans are little-known, cutting-edge techniques not taught by any other trainer on the planet.